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TDS is one of the leading Lebanese courier companies that offers convenient, cost effective and tailor made courier solutions to improvise, facilitate and accelerate your day-to-day business operations. We offer expertise to individuals and companies that want to ship and receive goods or mail to Lebanon and other parts of the world. We use advanced systems to provide you with an online tracking tool that allows you to get updated on the status of your package. We are part of a Lebanese network that is readily available to support your business. We believe in partnership and greater good of synergy; so, let us cooperate to produce a combined effect greater than the sum of our separate effects.


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Domestic Express

In our fast-paced world today, our Domestic Express service offers you on-demand door-to-door delivery service for urgent package deliveries to any location in your country or city, saving you the hassle of pick-up and delivery especially during your busiest hours where every minute counts. We can get you as many needed deliveries on the road as fast as you need them delivered. We do not only provide you with pick-up and delivery services at your need, but we also rest you assured that your package is in safe hands with our online tracking tool.

Package Delivery

In addition to offering our customers with specialized delivery solutions, we offer next-business-day and same-day door-to-door delivery for urgent domestic packages to main cities in the country. We deliver what you need right when you need it delivered, in a highly cost effective manner (reducing your fleet costs) through a highly professional service team. Respecting your business needs and policies, we will always provide you proof of successful delivery.

Package Collect

Apart from delivering your matters to your concerned recipients, we also provide you with our Package Collect service. This service is at your demand to collect any confidential (legal and/or financial) documents and any other packages from your supplier or sender to your doorstep. Your comfort is our ultimate and core goal.

Cash on Delivery

TDS handles your matters personally. We are ready to deliver any package to your recipients, collect necessary cash payments and transfer them to you, swiftly and diligently.

Return Service

TDS understands the value of your time. Therefore; TDS provides you with a service to send and receive back items in timely fashion. This service will come in handy for any document, product and/or package you need sent out and returned safely.
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